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Korea 101: Employment

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Finding Jobs

Foreigners can work in Korea in line with the purposes they have entered the country for and the type of visa they have received. The following websites can be helpful in finding jobs suitable for you.

Seoul Global Center

Run by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the website provides information on various trade fairs, employment support measures and job openings for foreigners.


Phone: 82-2-2075-4180

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese

Employment Permit System (EPS)

The EPS provides recruitment/employment support services to employers and foreign workers in Korea in addition to assistance for administrative processes. Information on the country’s work permit system, employment procedures and types of work foreigners can be hired for is provided in foreign languages. The EPS also offers differentiated service according to the types of visas such as E-9 (non-professional employment) and H-2 (working visit). Website:

Phone: 82-43-870-8000, 82-1577-7114

Languages: over 20 including Korean, English, Chinese, Vietnamese

Immigration Contact Center

This web portal provides diverse information required by foreigners living in Korea. It also provides assistance for administrative processes, employment and investment.


Phone: 82-1345

Languages: Korean, English, Chinese

Foreigner Support Services and Institutions

The Korean government and various private organizations provide services to help foreigners adapt to life in Korea more easily through education on the country’s language and culture as well as counseling on an array of topics. The assistance could be critical especially at the beginning when foreigners can find it challenging to establish relations with locals because of linguistic and cultural barriers. Please note that in addition to the following well-known organizations there are numerous organizations, or centers as they are often called, which are more than ready to help you in their communities.

Foreigner Support Organizations



Languages: 11 including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese

Phone: 82-2-843-5431

- danuri


Languages: 13 including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese

Phone: 82-1577-1366

- Korea Support Center for Foreign Workers


Phone: 82-1644-0644


*This article is extracted from Invest KOREA information center, 2022.


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