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Q. I'm non-Korean and working at Korea getting salary from overseas.

Updated: Sep 30, 2022

A. If you are hired by the branch or liaison office in Korea, absolutely you need to pay income tax in Korea.

In principle, resident means any individual who has had his/her domicile or place of residence in the Republic of Korea for at least 183 days.

Income Tax In Korea

Scope of tax Obligations

  • cope of tax obligations Foreign Resident: All income generated from sources both within and outside Korea (worldwide income)

  • Foreign Non-Resident: Domestic source income

Chart of Income deduction & tax credit for foreigners

The income deduction and tax credit applied to foreign employees are the same as those for domestic employees (however, housing related deductions and credits do not apply), and the scope differs depending on whether the foreigner is resident or a non-resident.

Chart Of Income Deduction

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