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Navigating the Korean E7 Visa Process: A Comprehensive Guide

Korean E7 Visa Process

Securing an Korean E-7 visa opens doors to exciting career opportunities in Korea. By understanding and fulfilling the necessary document requirements, you can navigate the application process with confidence and embark on a rewarding professional journey in one of Asia's most dynamic economies—South Korea.

In this blog, we will be getting familiar with the Korea work visa visa as well as what it requires to take the one.

What is the Korean E-7 Visa?

The Korean E-7 visa is a type of visa meant for skilled workers from other countries who are hired to do specialized jobs in Korea. It's officially known as the Korean E-7 Foreign National of Special Ability Visa. With this visa, individuals can both live and work in Korea.

It's usually granted to professionals who possess specific expertise or skills that are required in certain fields. This visa enables them to contribute their knowledge and talents to the Korean workforce while enjoying the opportunity to reside in the country legally.

Understanding the Requirements for E-7 Visa in Korea

Korean E7 Visa Process

To be eligible for the Korea work visa, you must meet at least one of the following conditions:

Master's Degree or Higher:

If you hold a master's degree or higher in the occupation you are applying for, you meet the basic requirement for the visa.

Bachelor's Degree with Work Experience:

Alternatively, if you have a bachelor's degree and at least one year of work experience in the relevant occupation, you qualify for the visa.

Five Years of Work Experience:

If you lack formal education but possess extensive work experience, with at least five years in the relevant occupation, you are also eligible for the Korea work visa.

Preferential Requirements:

In addition to the basic requirements, certain conditions can offer you advantages in obtaining the Korean E-7 visa:

Employment at Fortune Global 500 Companies:

Even if you don't meet the educational or work experience requirements, if you have worked at one of the Fortune Global 500 companies, you can still apply for the Employment visa in Korea.

Graduate from Top Universities:

Prospective graduates from prestigious universities listed in The Times 200 Universities or QS World University Rankings 200 may apply for the visa, even without the requisite one year of work experience.

Local Community College Graduates:

Graduates of local community colleges are exempted from the one-year work experience requirement.

Graduates from Local Universities:

If you have graduated from a local university with a bachelor's degree or higher and secured a job related to your major, you are eligible to apply for the Employment visa in Korea.

Talents in Advanced Science and Technology Sector:

Foreign talents in advanced science and technology sectors recommended by relevant ministries are eligible for the visa.

High Salary Exemption:

If your yearly salary exceeds 1.5 times or 3 times the Korean GNI per capita of the previous year, you may be exempted from certain education or work experience requirements based on recommendations.

Required Documents for the Korean E-7 Visa

Korean E7 Visa Process

Degree Certificate:

Your degree certificate is a fundamental document showcasing your educational qualifications. If your certificate was issued overseas, it must undergo apostille confirmation or notarization from the Korean consulate in that country.

Employment Certificate:

This certificate validates your past work experience. Similarly, if issued overseas, it requires apostille confirmation or notarization from the Korean consulate abroad.


A detailed resume highlighting your skills, experiences, and achievements is essential for your visa application.

License (if required):

Depending on your profession, you may need to provide a license to practice. Ensure to include this if applicable.

Employment Contract:

An official employment contract between you and your prospective employer is mandatory. This document outlines the terms of your employment, including responsibilities, compensation, and duration.

Company Documents:

Your new employer must provide relevant company documents, typically tax and corporate documents, to support your application.

Document Demonstrating Necessity of Foreign Employee:

A crucial aspect of the application is demonstrating the necessity of hiring a foreign employee. This is usually done through a letter from the employer, explaining why they need to hire you, how they plan to utilize your skills, and the expected outcomes.

Understanding the Korean E7 Visa Process

For Overseas Applicants:

Prepare Documents: Gather all necessary visa documents and apply for a visa issuance certificate at the immigration office responsible for the company's address in Korea.


Confirmation of Visa Issuance: If permission is granted, you'll receive a confirmation of visa issuance via email.


Submit to the Korean Consulate: Overseas applicants must submit the confirmation of visa issuance to the Korean consulate in their country.


Enter Korea: After the visa issuance process is complete, you can enter Korea.


Apply for Alien Registration Card: Within 90 days of arrival, apply for an alien registration card.


For Applicants in Korea:


Prepare Documents: Collect the required visa documents and apply for a change of status of stay and alien registration card at the Immigration Office responsible for the company's address.


Receive Alien Registration Card: Upon approval, you'll receive your alien registration card.


Issuance Time: After submitting Korean E7 visa documents, it typically takes about 3-4 weeks for the Immigration Office to review and approve them.

This timeframe includes the processing time for foreign documents such as diplomas and work experience certificates, which may need notarization by an apostille or consulate.

In some cases, especially for small businesses, additional time may be needed for on-site due diligence.


Seek Professional Assistance to Make the Korean E-7 Visa Process a Breeze!

If you encounter challenges with document authentication or any other aspect of the application process, consider seeking assistance from legal or immigration professionals specializing in Korean visas.

At J&J Korea, our dedicated team specializes in providing comprehensive assistance for Korean E-7 and various other business and work-related visas in South Korea. Whether you're a skilled professional seeking employment opportunities or a business looking to expand your operations in South Korea, we offer tailored support to navigate the complex visa application process seamlessly. 

Trust J&J Korea to be your reliable partner in achieving your visa goals. Let us know how we can meet your needs!



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