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Four Major Social Insurance Schemes | Update 2022 Korea

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

The four major insurances (4대보험) are employment insurance, industrial accident compensation insurance, national pension, and national health insurance.

Type of Social Insurance

  • Health Insurance

    • Improve public health and promote social security by covering healthcare service cost, such as preventative treatment, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, injuries, childbirth and death.

    • Health insurance benefits have two kinds:

      1. Benefits in kind: Health care benefit, Health checkup

      2. Benefits in cash: Leasing or purchase of assistive equipment cost for the disabled, reimbursement based on the co-payment ceiling system, when a childbirth take place home or the other places rather than hospitals, the cost are given.

  • National Pension

    • Secure the retirement benefits of Korean citizens with income security, thereby promoting national welfare in the case of retirement, disability or death.

  • Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance

    • Contribute to the improvement of workers’ quality of life through providing optimal workers’ compensations, rehabilitation supports and welfare services

      • Care benefit, Temporary incapacity benefit, Disability benefit, Nursing benefit, Survivor benefit, Funeral expenses reimbursement, Injury and disease compensation pension will be provided

  • Employment Insurance

    • Contribute to the improvement of workers’ quality of life through providing temporary income support to unemployed workers during job searching or upgrading skills

      • Unemployment benefit, and maternity and parental benefits are provided

  • Long-term care insurance (additional insurance)

    • To support senior citizens who have difficulty in daily living due to geriatric diseases, or cerebrovascular disease

      • Home-based benefits and institution-based benefits are provided

Social Insurance Schemes

Contribution Rates

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