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Living In Korea 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Traditional Korean Village

When you travel to or live in a foreign country, it is really important to be aware of basic information of the country. With such information, you can have a much better communication with people you meet in the country. It can serve as a method of naturally expressing your interest in that particular country. Especially, if you work there with a great knowledge and interest on the country, you can have various merits.

In addition, if you know about Korea such as the weather, currency, and public holidays, you can enjoy more convenience in Korea! Although Korea has only a small area of land, it has a lot of regions with different characteristics so you can have fun in learning about the regions one by one! Also, once you experience many convenient systems and rapid processing of diverse services in Korea, you would be reluctant to leave the country.



Chapter 1. Introduction to theRepublic of Korea

General Information on Korea

Legal System of Korea

Chapter 2. Foreigner Registration and Stay


Foreigner Registration

Extension of Period of Stay

Report of Change in Place of Stay

Immigration VIP Card

Chapter 3. Health and Quarantine

Medical System and Health Insurance

Special Entry Procedure and Quarantine Syste

Prevention of Pandemic in Daily Lives

Chapter 4. Housing

House Purchases and Contracts

Electricity·Gas·Water Supply


Residential Wastes Treatment

Chapter 5. Education and Employment



Chapter 6. Transportation and Public Convenience Facilities


Public·Convenience Facilities

Chapter 7. Tourism, Food, and Shopping

Tourism and Food


Famous Restaurants in Korea

Chapter 8. Appendix





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**This article is extracted from Invest KOREA Publications, 2022.


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