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A Complete Guide to Shopping in Korea

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Shopping Options in Korea

1) Television Home Shopping

While checking goods on television, customers place orders by phone for a wide range of products including clothing, foods, cosmetics, electronics, insurance, automobiles and travel packages. Discounts are offered for ‘automatic’ phone orders. Lots of gifts accompany purchases. Usually, delivery takes one to three days. You can return your orders for whatever reason. in which case the items are collected and the credit card payment is cancelled by the seller within just a few days. If you place an order for goods being broadcast through an app instead of by phone, you can accumulate points or get an extra discount on the order


<Return or Refund>

Keep the receipt for your purchase in case you need to return it for an exchange or a refund. Generally, you can return it within 7 to 14 days of receiving it. However, if you have used or damaged the item, you cannot return it for an exchange or a refund. When you have purchased it online, you can return it for an exchange or a refund but you might have to pay for the return according to the policy of the relevant shopping mall. Should you encounter any difficulty returning items you have purchased or suffer any loss from commercial transactions as a consumer, contact the Korea Consumer Agency or ‘1372 Consumer Counseling Center (☎1372)’ run by the Korea Fair Trade Commission for assistance.

* Korea Consumer Agency website:

2) Internet Shopping

Internet shopping in Korea is not only convenient but also remarkably economical. Besides shopping malls that deal with single items such as food, clothing or books, many online shopping malls sell a variety of products just as department stores do offline. Occasionally there may be a difference between the product you see on the monitor and the one you actually receive. Be sure to check product details carefully in advance.

How to Find Hole-in-the Wall Restaurants

There are a few ways to find the best hole-in-the-wall restaurants in Korea. First, you can tap into various applications. Use Google Play or App Store to download applications that introduce you to hole-in-the-wall restaurants by area and by food type. Secondly, check relevant local TV programs. Note that Korea has an incredibly diverse mouth-watering food TV shows where celebrities visit popular hole-in-the-wall eateries around the country to feed back to TV viewers. Lastly, you can use social networking services including web blogs, Facebook and Instagram to check reviews from thousands or tens of thousands of people about the places that catch your attention.


<Michelin Guide Seoul>

Michelin Guide Seoul has recognized more than 186 restaurants so far including not only Korean restaurants but a great variety of international restaurants specializing in Chinese, French, Italian and Japanese cuisine. Visit the website of Michelin Guide Seoul and you can find their selection of restaurants in Seoul by food and location. Should you want to eat in a restaurant recognized by the globally famed institution, you might as well try one of the places selected rfom a plethora of choices in town.


*Languages: Many including Korean, English, Chinese and Japanese


*This article is extracted from Invest KOREA information center, 2023


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