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Living in Korea, August 2023

Korea 101: Convenient Apps

Here are apps that many Koreans use to make their daily life much more convenient. Apps for each category were selected based on the rankings of Google Play and App Store. The top 1-3 apps were chosen per category.

Chat - Kakao Talk

KakaoTalk is Korea’s top-ranking mobile messenger app. * Languages: 15 including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Vietnamese and Spanish.

Other popular messenger apps include ‘Messenger’ and ‘Line.’ The former is particularly favored by teens.

Transportation - 1. KaKao Bus

Kakao Bus enables you to check bus operations in realtime nationwide. It also has a bookmarkng feature for buses and bus stations bus riders frequently use. * Languages: Korean, English

Transportation - 2. Kakao Metro

Kakao Metro allows you to check subway operations in real time based on the national subway map. It also informs you of the fastest transfer point and get-off point. * Languages: Korean, English

Note that there are many other mass transportation apps available in Korea. Popular ones include ‘National Smart Bus,’ 'Subway Korea' and 'Smarter Subway' that offer similar features.

Map - Naver Map

Naver Map finds all possible travel routes when one sets a starting point and a destination. It can also find the shortest routes with the least number of transfers. The operating hours of public transport are available on the app, making it enough for all kinds of transportation information. * Languages: Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese

Other popular map apps include ‘Kakao Map’ and ‘Google Maps’. Though a very popular global map app, ‘Google Maps’ are outperformed by Naver Map and Kakao Map in Korea.

Housing - ZIGBANG

Zigbang enables you to check information on various housing options such as regular apartments, villas, studio apartments, officetels in your preferred area. With plenty of information and direct contact with suppliers, consumers can find their preferred places easily on the app. * Languages: Korean, English

Other popular housing apps include ‘PETERPANZ’ or ‘DaBang’ which are almost equally as popular as Zigbang. Take the advantage of these apps to find your place in the mos tfavorable conditions available with the least effort.

Translation - Papago

Multilingual translation application Papago currently offers translation services for 13 languages. It translates not only texts or speeches but also images (photographed texts). * Languages: 13 including Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, French, Vietnamese and German.

Other popular translation apps include globally renowned ‘Google Translate.’ In the number of downloads, Papago outperforms Google Translate in Korea. However, globally, Google commands a dominating position as it provides its service in 60 languages.

Shopping - Coupang

Coupang enables you to shop almost all kinds of products such as food, clothing, overseas goods, and travel packages. Coupang is leading the way in shopping applications with its fast delivery service called “Rocket Delivery.” * Languages: Korean, English

Coupang’s competitors include ‘Lotte Home Shopping,’ ‘SSG.COM,’ and ‘WEMEF’ which also deliver a vast variety of items very fast. There are other popular shopping apps customized for a limited number of items, including ‘MUSINSA,’ specializing in fashion products and ‘10x10’ concentrated on the marketing of uniquely designed stationery items.

Delivery - Yogiyo

Korea boasts a highly developed swift delivery food culture. Yogiyo categorizes a large number of delivery restaurants and provides one-stop service from order to payment. With its review service, consumers can check the reputation of the eateries before placing an order. The app offers discounts and promotions frequently that it is often cheaper to order through the app instead of visiting the restaurant. * Languages: Korean, English

Its competitors include ‘Baemin,’ and recently launched ‘Coupang Eats’. Food delivery apps frequently offer delivery fee exemption or various promotional discounts so be sure to check before placing an order.

For further inquiries, please contact the Investment Consulting Center

📞call +82-1600-7119 OR 🖥️

KOREA Unique Venue

Discover the unique beauty of diverse regions throughout Korea

Every month, in cooperation with the Korea Tourism Industry (KTO), Invest KOREA features one unique region in Korea as an ideal venue for corporate meetings, international conventions, and incentive travels. Read on to find out more on the KTO’s Korea Unique Venue initiatives and plan your next visit to Korea!


The MICE industry is celebrated as the “golden industry without limits” of the 4th Industrial Revolution Era. With the growth of this industry, MICE venues are increasing in variety. Nowadays, corporations and institutions, which have preferred large scale convention centers in the past, are increasingly seeking out special places and experiences, or “unique venues” that showcase traditional local cultures and regional characteristics.

The Korea Tourism Organization regularly selects and promotes such unique venues that can be found all throughout the country—places with a distinct Korean charm that captivate its visitors. After various studies and evaluations on the suitability of the purpose, scale, and size of various events and meetings, the KTO has selected 39 of Korea’s unique venues to fit your various needs.

These 39 “KOREA Unique Venues,” which demonstrate the special characteristics of its respective region, are bound to add color to your events and provide visitors with experiences and memories beyond expectations. Korea’s doors are wide open for you to experience the country’s culture and beauty to their fullest.

Incentives for Organizers

Subjects of incentive support for international meetings (event hosting/global PR and event hosting support)

Common Conditions :

1. Meetings hosted by international organizations or members of the international organizations, or legal entities & groups which are part of international organizations that fulfill ALL of the following conditions.

- Foreigners from at least 5 or more countries shall participate in the meetings.

- Total number of meetings participants shall be at least 300 or more and foreign participants shall be at least 100 or more.

- The duration of the meetings shall be at least 3 days or longer.

2. Meetings hosted by legal entities & groups which are not a part of international organizations that fulfill ALL of the following conditions.

- Among the meeting participants, total number

of foreign participants shall be at least 150 or more.

- The duration of the meetings shall be at least 2 days or longer

Subjects of incentive support for corporate meetings/incentive tours

Common Conditions :

1. Visitors should stay in Korea for at least 2 days or longer. * “NOT” applicable for hobby clubs, fan clubs, religious organizations, government officials’ groups, and/or student groups.

2. Among the participants, total number of foreign participants shall be at least 10 or more.

Additional Conditions :

1. Incentive Tour: Incentive Tour Groups (as performance awards), with sponsoring corporations paying for all of tour related expenses for visiting Korea.

2. Corporate meetings: Groups of people who are visiting Korea for meetings hosted by specific corporations for the express purpose of meetings or travels

* Meetings with at least 4 hours or longer shall be included in the official schedule.

*For further details, please visit the K-MICE website at

Seoul Oil Tank Culture Park

Oil Tank Culture Park, a cultural park, was formerly a strategic oil reserve area called Mapo Oil Deposit which was transformed into a complex cultural space through an urban renewal project. Various exhibitions, performances, and workshops can be held in its six Tanks, and large-scale events and cultural events can be held in its spacious Culture Yard.

Venue & Rental Information

ㆍAddress: 87 Jeungsan-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

ㆍ Phone Number: +82-2-376-8410 Homepage:

ㆍ Inquiries: +82-2-376-8733/

ㆍ Major Events Held in Recent Years: Seoul Circus Festival (2018~), SEOUL International Women’s Film Festival (2019~), Vegan Festival Korea (2019), SEOUL SMART MOBILITY EXPO (2021)

Source: Korea Tourism Organization, “2022 KOREA Unique Venue”


*This article is extracted from Invest KOREA Publications, 2023.


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